About Us 

If you are looking for a good place to meet up with friends, watch live entertainment and have some traditional English food together with a pint of refreshing beer, Leo's bar is the place to be! 

There is space for everyone! Our bar is family friendly and disability freindly. Plus, our doors are also open to dog owners and their 4 legged friends.

Sit outside in our beer garden and catch some rays, or just stay inside in one of our two bars (well, we all know how good our British Summer is).

Come along and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere!


We are located on one of the Southport's most recognisable roads, right in the very heart of the Town Center. Just minutes walk from Southport's main shopping areas, hotels, restaurants and attractions, making us an ideal place to rest up when out and about....

A SHOT OF Histiory

Some of you will be surprised to know that Leo's Bar is an important icon of Southport's history. The building that now houses the bar is one of handful remaining art deco buildings in Southport that were so classic in the 1930's. lt was buit as the upper level of an underground street that exists under Nevill Street and back then the building was apparently home to a row of small shops. Today the bar stands on what was part of the Victorian structure and evidence of this can be seen in the cellar. Sadly the access to this part of the building is not permitted, but other interesting features can be found in the public areas! 

For some reasons the information about the building is very hard to obtain. If you have any  details about the building's past, come along to the bar and we'll be happy to meet you and raise a toast to the past and the future!

Photos wanted!  -  If you have any historic images or photos of the Bar in the 1930's to late 1980's, please do let us know.  info@vamphire.com

Leo's Bar, Southport, Merseyside


Below is a photo of the hidden underground window that has been uncovered while renovation work was being carried out recently. Some very weird things are going on here since that time. Suspicious footsteps, door knob rattling, objects that simply dissapear and the radio that jumps from station to station without anyone touching it - are just a few things that have been reported by the staff. Is that cellar really haunted? You will have a chance to find it out soon! Keep an eye out on our Twitter page for more information...

A spooktakular opertunity awaites those who are brave... Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out more!